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Best Tender Steaks for the BBQ

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March 15, 2023


Barbecue season is year-round for us at the ranch. We grill outside all year, and the weather has to be pretty miserable for us to give up on the grill and pan-fry a steak - not that there's anything wrong with cooking a steak indoors and we have several cast iron pans just for that purpose. But by default, we pretty much always turn on the grill.

Grilled steaks are one of our go-to weeknight meals. It's quick, there's little clean-up, and it makes the cold, wet evenings feel just a little warmer. Here's some of our favorite and most tender steak cuts for grilling:

  • Tenderloin steak: This boneless steak is the most tender and has a buttery texture. It's also known as a filet mignon. Grill for 10-15 minutes over medium heat and top with garlic butter.
  • New York Strip steak: A tender, lean steak that is a nice boneless cut. This also takes just about 10-15 minutes on the grill with medium heat.
  • T-bone steak: This cut is smaller than a Porterhouse but is just as tender. Add your favorite spice rub and grill for 15-19 minutes over medium heat. 
  • Ribeye steak: This bone-in steak is great with simple salt and pepper, and cooks in 9-12 minutes on the grill. 

Shop for these and other steaks online and schedule your pickup at locations in Tenino, Tumwater, or Tacoma.


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