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Preserving the Prairie

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May 9, 2023

In 2005, Colvin Ranch was the first in Washington to participate in the USDA's Grassland Reserve Program, ensuring that the prairie would be preserved forever.

In partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, we've worked to protect and enhance the native prairie habitat while continuing to operate our historic ranch. What we've found over the years is that by implementing conservation grazing practices, we've been able to increase the diversity of plant species, increase habitat for endangered species like the Mazama Pocket Gopher, and increase forage production for our cattle.

As Fred explains in this video, "what I like to tell people is when your grandchildren's grandchildren come out here, it will pretty much look like it does today." 

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Silvopasture Field Walk

On Wednesday, June 12 we're offering an opportunity to get out on the back forested section of Colvin Ranch on an evening pasture walk with experts from NRCS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Riparian Projects at Colvin Ranch

When we have cattle in the meadows, we take steps to protect the creek banks and the water quality. One major project that was done nearly 20 years ago with the Thurston Conservation District was the Riparian Planting Project, which planted 1,900 trees along 5,250 feet of Scatter Creek at the ranch.