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Wagyu x Angus Premium Steaks and Ground Beef

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October 19, 2023


We have a limited selection of premium steaks and ground beef from one of our few Wagyu and Angus crossbred beef. It's all grass-fed and grass-finished, combining the flavor of Angus with the extra marbling of Wagyu. We like to think of it as getting the best of both. This beef will be leaner than the traditional grain-finished Wagyu, but it has all the health benefits of grass-finished beef. 

About Wagyu

Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle that were originally used as draft animals because their extra intramuscular fat provided the energy they needed for work. All of that extra marbling makes for tender and delicious steaks that are prized today. 

There are four Wagyu breeds: Japanese Black (the most common Wagyu in the US), Japanese Brown (also referred to as Red Wagyu), and Japanese Polled and Japanese Shorthorn (which are not bred outside of Japan). 

Japanese Black Waygu is by far the most common, and includes three different types - Tajima, Fujiyoshi (or Shimane), and Kedaka (or Tottori). Tajima is known for superior quality, and is the breed that Kobe beef is from. 

Wagyu in the US

The Wagyu imported to the US in the 1990s were mostly Japanese Black. Most Wagyu in the US can be traced back to these original imports. In the late 90s, Japan banned exports of live Wagyu cattle, and declared them a national treasure. 

Grass-finished Wagyu

Wagyu are known for their marbling and tenderness due to their genetics and their diet, which includes a lot of grain. Our expertise is in grass-finished beef, and because of that, we utilize Wagyu and Angus crossbreeds that do better on an all-grass diet. Cattle that are 50% Wagyu and 50% other breeds (typically Angus) are known as F1 Wagyu, and that's that we raise here.

At Colvin Ranch, our Wagyu and Angus crossbreed cattle are on the same grass-fed, grass-finished program as our other cattle, and are not fed any grain. This means they aren't as marbled as a traditional grain-fed Wagyu, but they still have some of the same qualities that people love about Wagyu beef. The highest-quality A5 Japanese Wagyu delicious, but it's  sometimes too rich for our taste and a little goes a long way. If you want to eat a decent-sized steak, F1 Wagyu is the way to go.

Shop our Wagyu x Angus collection for popular steaks like the rib steak and top sirloin, plus lesser-known (but delicious!) cuts like the Denver steak. We also have Wagyu x Angus ground beef, and a few Beef by the Box options that includes chuck roast, short ribs, and shank steak.

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